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Home Meditation Course: Energetic Healing through the Field of Being (SOLD OUT)

anywhere you may be, January 13-March 20 (10 weeks)

This course explores one of my favorite practices, The Field of Being; this is the heart of my personal practice as a healer. We explore the physical and energetic layers of the being, slowly expanding our experience and skill over two and a half months. Working with this practice will deepen your ability to ground, create clear energetic boundaries, and become more fully present in the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of your body. This knowledge can be useful for cultivating healing as well as for energetic and emotional clarity and protection. It is a wonderful framework in which to begin to explore the finer aspects of the embodiment for all beings; in addition, the Field of Being is a keystone of my Reiki teaching, making this course excellent preparation for Reiki training and an opportunity to become more skillful for established Reiki practitioners.

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