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Uncording and Boundary Clarification

This session involves guided visualization, energy work, and meditation; it aims to support shifting of the nature of relationships away from unhealthy patterns that have been established. While this technique is often used to clarify the dissolution of a relationship, it can be used to support loving, rightful intentions in any relationship.

People have said:

"When I received Kristie's uncording/boundary clarification work, energetically there was a "pop" and a strong pull of my energy back to myself. I felt the shift immediately and the clinging, repetitive mind stopped attaching itself to my ex-partner in such a strong capacity. For me, the session was after close to 10 months of separation; regardless of linear time, there may still be cording that needs to unwind itself and the work can be done at anytime."

"The visualization gave me a set of images to return to in my personal mediation practice that has continued to give me a place of calm and freedom with surprising ease. I went into the session expecting something dramatic and intense and got a clear, peaceful and compassionate experience instead."