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Individual classes

Individual yoga instruction is organic and meets you on your ground. It grows with you when you are ready and coddles when you need it. Thai Yoga Massage offers deep release and healing. Reiki promotes integration, eases pain, and speeds healing. Meditation brings peace of mind. Guided visualizations offer deep healing and inner growth. Chanting clears the mind, harmonizes the being, and opens the heart. Any session can draw on any or all of these tools.
To discuss, please email me.

My clients have offered these words of gratitude:

"My session was so amazing; it really grounded me in ways i can't even understand/explain. I'm still feeling intense equilibrium and wellbeing in reaction."

"When practicing yoga following a video tape aggravated some shoulder pain that had been on and off for a few years, I asked Kristie to take a look. on close inspection she was able to identify that I had been cheating through a position with incorrect shoulder posture (probably the original source of my pain). Kristie taught me the correct posture, repositioning my shoulders and shoulder blades, which activated under-used muscles of the arms, chest and back, real strength! The effect of these adjustments was instantly felt in almost every pose of my practice. The adjustments also applied to my posture in everyday life which freed up a constant tension in my neck and provided better support to my middle back, especially sitting. One position correction, 3 aches gone! Thanks, Kristie!"

"Kristie tailors each of our sessions to my state at that moment. This morning, after last night's six hour plan flight, Kristie created the perfect decompression for me, and what a great day I had."

"Through Kristie's generous spirit, I have learned how to let life bring my its gifts rather than forcing them to come to me. I believe this is the reason I have not had an episode of MS since I started my practice with her."