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Group classes

Sharing yoga can help any community to be more harmonious, efficient, healthy, and joyful. I have taught in situations as varied as corporate offices, yoga teacher training programs, gyms, hospitals, an ashram, and a women's shelter. I have worked with small children, elderly people, and every age between. I train teachers, work with people with cancer, have taught women's pre- and post- natal classes, and delighted in teaching in the blind and visually impaired community. Chances are if you have a special interest, I'd love to try to meet it. Fees for group instruction vary with the situation.

My clients have said:

"Kristie was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, reliable, caring, communicative, and creative throughout her tenure with us. teaching in an office setting presents different challenges than teaching in a yoga studio: encouraging busy workers to take time out to nurture their bodies, working with students with a wide variety of aptitude and flexibility, and recognizing that the classes are presented within the greater framework of the office environment. in our case, this was doubly challenging, as Kristie has helped to support our staff through our public stock offering, 10 mergers/acquisitions, 2 layoffs, various changes in management, and other various impacts of the Internet roller-coaster ride of the past few years. Kristie was consistently able to provide a centering and creative environment in our office."

"Kristie has worked with all ages within the Hamlin community, ranging from kindergarten classes to the faculty. Kristie shares her love of yoga with her students and inspires, excites and motivates her pupils. the students love and respect her and the community has embraced the teachings that she has offered."

- Danny Meyer, After School Academy Director, The Hamlin School

"we hired Kristie to teach twice-weekly yoga classes at my company, and it proved to be an excellent decision; she is a wonderful teacher. Kristie is very responsive to the needs and abilities of whomever is in a particular class and also to the changing needs of a class itself as a unit."

"Kristie's sessions helped our team of two to be more at ease with each other. by sharing the physical poses and meditation, my colleague and i became better attuned to one another, and our writing project flowed much better."

"Kristie is truly an outstanding teacher, one whose generosity of spirit inspires students in amazing ways. her teaching is nurturing as well as challenging. while Kristie easily articulates the physical aspects of the practice, she also weaves in the philosophical in a seamless and lovely manner. she has clearly studied yoga from myriad perspectives and is deeply rooted in traditional teachings. at the same time, she is quite comfortable with improvisation and can be quite adaptable and flexible depending upon the class and what challenges the students present. Kristie is an individual with deep integrity. she is inspired and inspiring to work with, on every level.

Kate Randall, Art Department Chair, The Urban School of San Francisco

"in our program Kristie leads special workshops that focus on the subtle aspects of Hatha Yoga. these workshops focus on challenging students to search within their own experience so they can teach from an authentic and compassionate place. over the past few years I have come to rely upon Kristie's expertise. not only is she a great resource for my own questions, but I know that our students are being enlightened by her teaching. I cherish Kristie's addition to our program."

- Reverend Jivana Heyman, Teacher Training Coordinator, Integral Yoga Institute.