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be now.

atha is an auspicious beginning. yoga is union. be now. experience the divine present moment through yoga asanas (movement), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, massage, and energy work. balance and strengthen the body and mind in a contemplative, joyful practice. atha yoga is shared by Kristie Dahlia Home in San Francisco, California.

Monday night drop-in class - Important News

The 66 Sanchez studio, where I have been teaching on Mondays for over a dozen years, is closed this winter for some fantastic renovations: new heating and electrical systems, seismic retrofitting, better soundproofing, and an ADA-compliant bathroom. Sounds fantastic! The work is planned to take something like 6 months and began on October 14.

During this time, we will meet at Kristie's home studio in the Castro at 254 Hartford Street. This space fits 6 people, so there will be two sessions: 6:45-8p and 8:15-9:30p.

You can book your place for Monday classes at my Schedulicity site.

For this to work, folks must use the spaces they have reserved. Please book when you intend to come, and come to the places you have booked. I look forward to seeing you at Home.

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Why and How We Practice

Once a psychiatrist asked Suzuki Roshi about consciousness.

"I know nothing about it," Suzuki said. "I just try to teach my students how to hear the birds sing."

- Zen Mondo

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