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Atha is an auspicious beginning. Yoga is union. Be now. Experience the divine present moment through yoga asanas (movement), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, massage, and energy work. Balance and strengthen the body and mind in a contemplative, joyful practice. Atha Yoga is offered by Kristie Dahlia Home in San Francisco, California.

A Meditation Course: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Wednesdays 6-7:30p, April 22-May 20 2015 at the Home Studio in the Castro

What comes to mind when considering how to say what these sutras are is: Om Mani Padme Hum, a mantra which translates literally as "Ah, the jewel in the lotus!" and was recently paraphrased by a wise friend as "It's all right here." Yes, that: the path of yoga: it's all right here, in this text. The path, in truth, is more like a banyan tree than a rope and any text can only hold so much -- the heart, though, the gem in the lotus, is here.

If you are curious about meditation, how to bring yoga more deeply into your daily life, or the philosophical underpinnings of practice, come, come to read and share and sit together.

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Thai Yoga Massage Workshops

April 7, June 16, July 14 at the Integral Yoga Institute

Thai massage is a sweet, powerful, approachable form of body work. Based on yogic movements, energetic awareness, and Buddhist loving-kindness practices, this healing art is performed fully clothed on the ground. Pressure, percussion, and assisted asanas combine in a dreamy, delicious form. Pressure can be created with many parts of the body (palms, thumbs, elbows, knees) each to different effect; this allows many ways to vary for best comfort for the giver and receiver. This modality is renowned for leaving both participants bright and energized as it liberates energetic flow within the body.

In this monthly workshop you will be led through the movements of the bodywork just as you would be led through a yoga practice; no special knowledge or advance skill is required. You can come with a friend or come solo and make a friend at class.

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Why and How We Practice

Once a psychiatrist asked Suzuki Roshi about consciousness.

"I know nothing about it," Suzuki said. "I just try to teach my students how to hear the birds sing."

- Zen Mondo

How we change

One of my students is concerned for the health of their child and asked me for advice about how they could go about compartmentalizing those feelings in the presence of the child. My advice about this is an elucidation of the yogic principle of pratipaksha bhavana which I thought might be useful to share.

The mind has a thing it is concerned about. That is what is happening. The brain's fear/safety center, the amygdala, gets first dibs on responding to thoughts; this keeps us safe and alive. So the tendency is for fearful thoughts about the thing the mind is concerned about to arise. That's natural, and that's fine. What comes next, that's where we practice. In yoga, we use pratipaksha bhavana to shift mental tendencies that are not useful; a common translation is "cultivation of the opposite thought."

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