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Atha is an auspicious beginning. Yoga is union. Be now. Experience the divine present moment through yoga asanas (movement), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, massage, and energy work. Balance and strengthen the body and mind in a contemplative, joyful practice. Atha Yoga is offered by Kristie Dahlia Home in San Francisco, California.

Thai Yoga Massage Workshops

March 29, 2016 at the Integral Yoga Institute

Thai massage is a sweet, powerful, approachable form of body work. Based on yogic movements, energetic awareness, and Buddhist loving-kindness practices, this healing art is performed fully clothed on the ground. Pressure, percussion, and assisted asanas combine in a dreamy, delicious form. Pressure can be created with many parts of the body (palms, thumbs, elbows, knees) each to different effect; this allows many ways to vary for best comfort for the giver and receiver. This modality is renowned for leaving both participants bright and energized as it liberates energetic flow within the body.

In this monthly workshop you will be led through the movements of the bodywork just as you would be led through a yoga practice; no special knowledge or advance skill is required. You can come with a friend or come solo and make a friend at class.

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Rising 2016: A Yogic Healing Arts Retreat

April 21-24, 2016 at Salamander in the mountains outside Los Gatos!

Spring is an auspicious time for beginnings, the return of warmth and blossom. Come! Shake off the cloak of winter in a forested retreat. Breathe, move, soak, hike, think. Be nourished. Unfold your wings and prepare your body and spirit to rise into spring.

Rising convenes April 21-24. For this, the fifteenth annual Rising retreat, change is afoot! Harbin Hot Springs, where we have spent a decade of springtimes, is in deep renewal after destruction in the Valley fire; we send our love to the land and its people. This year we will gather at Salamander camp, the longtime site of our autumn retreats. Kristie is also taking this moment of change to expand this event to four days; we've done this for several years now in the autumn retreats and oh, it's so much deeper!

If you have questions about the retreat in general or health concerns in regard to yoga, feel free to contact Kristie. Attendance is limited to 16 people to ensure spaciousness and attention for all. Kristie's retreats usually sell out; it is wise to register early.

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The Art of Adjustments - Teacher Training Program

May 19-22, 2016 at the Integral Yoga Institute

Once the foundation of practice is laid, the fine work begins: considering how a pose uniquely suits a body and a being in this moment. In this consideration and the communication that unfolds from it lie opportunities for genuine, intimate experience and guidance.

Do you want to engage with your practice or your students with greater confidence and skill? This program explores alignment and refinement of asana practice with a present, open eye and heart, encouraging wisdom and curiosity.

As we consider how a pose or a movement suits and how to tune it, we will address serving in both directions on the continuum of intensity -- toward safe, gentle care and thought, appropriate challenge. We will engage in true practice, working with the body to serve personal and spiritual evolution and well as health, using both speech and touch.

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Reiki - Level I Training and Certification / Immersion

June 24-26, 2016 at the Integral Yoga Institute

Reiki is a simple and profound form of hands-on healing. Many modern scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of this modality for healing and pain relief; experience shows it also useful for emotional integration. The training is a healing experience itself; in working to deepen our energetic capacities, we experience deeper awareness of being. Reiki is a word for life force; in this practice we learn to connect with the flow of life. This can be transformational.

Reiki is passed from teacher to student through a process of attunement which clarifies energy channels and amplifies our innate healing abilities. In addition to the attunement process, we will practice centering, grounding, clear energetic boundaries, meditation, and giving and receiving Reiki. Lecture and conversation will address Reiki ethics, philosophy, practice, the energy body, and the nature of healing.

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Why and How We Practice

Once a psychiatrist asked Suzuki Roshi about consciousness.

"I know nothing about it," Suzuki said. "I just try to teach my students how to hear the birds sing."

- Zen Mondo

On Meditation and Time

I've heard about the magic of 20 minutes of meditating a day several times - most memorably from a middle-aged woman in a hotel gym bathroom who said that she and her husband were promised by a guru that meditating 20 minutes a day would change their lives, and bingo, five years later and they own their own strip mall! No judgement - each has our own idea of enlightenment...

My question: what can be accomplished if you only have 10 minutes a day?

Sweet love, I am not a guru and I make no promises other than to tell you the truth as I know it, but I will say some things about practice and about time. This little question, is, you might be surprised to hear, the hardest one I have been asked in this Meditation Course thus far -- because the answer is along the guru lines. Guru literally means "dispeller of darkness." In America, we use guru to mean teacher. In India, a guru is an enlightened being who is standing on the rim between states of awareness shouting COME ON IN THE WATER IS FANTASTIC.

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How We Change - On Pratipaksha Bhavana

One of my students is concerned for the health of their child and asked me for advice about how they could go about compartmentalizing those feelings in the presence of the child. My advice about this is an elucidation of the yogic principle of pratipaksha bhavana which I thought might be useful to share.

The mind has a thing it is concerned about. That is what is happening. The brain's fear/safety center, the amygdala, gets first dibs on responding to thoughts; this keeps us safe and alive. So the tendency is for fearful thoughts about the thing the mind is concerned about to arise. That's natural, and that's fine. What comes next, that's where we practice. In yoga, we use pratipaksha bhavana to shift mental tendencies that are not useful; a common translation is "cultivation of the opposite thought."

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